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Welcome to the Basingstoke and Andover Branch of the RSPCA, a separately registered charity that follows RSPCA policies and guidelines. Our branch is run by a committee of volunteers and we receive no funding from the Government. We rely heavily on donations, local fundraising and legacies to support less fortunate animals in our area.



Lily and others like her are desperately seeking a loving home. Can you help?

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Working together to tackle 'dangerous' dog issues

The RSPCA has joined forces with the UK's largest mail auditing company, Postal Audits, to help tackle the problem of how to deal with 'dangerous' dogs.

Enough is enough - we stand up for animals

The RSPCA has made five clear pledges towards significant long-term changes in animal welfare. Follow this link to read all about it.

National cruelty line: 0300 1234 999