Help & advice

Lost & found animals

Losing a much loved pet is a very traumatic and heartbreaking experience. If you are unfortunate enough to be in this situation, we hope the following contact list of people and organisations will help you get reunited with your pet.

If you have lost your cat or dog, contact the following:

Finding an animal

If you find an animal that you believe has an owner please use the above contacts. If the animal is injured please contact your local vets for urgent advice and treatment.

If you have found a stray dog, we recommend you:

  • Report this to the local Dog Warden or RSPCA
  • If the dog is hungry then please feed it and make water available

If you have found a stray cat, we recommend you:

  • Try to ascertain if the cat is definitely a stray by checking with neighbours
  • If the cat will let you approach it then you could also fit a paper collar with a note asking the owner to contact you
  • If the cat is hungry then please feed it and make water available
  • If you cannot take it into your home then ensure it has shelter outside which is dry and safe whilst you find a more suitable home for it

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